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Epson Printer Ink Cartridges

An Epson ink cartridge is a consumable component of an inkjet printer that stores and dispenses ink to a page to be printed.
Epson ink cartridges have a number of components such as the tank that stores the black or coloured ink, the chip that responds to the challenge of how much ink to dispense and when, the air vent that allows the ink to flow and the printer head that contains the tiny nozzles that make ink drops.

When you buy Epson ink cartridges you will want to look at the printer compatibility, the page yield and what guarantees come with the cartridges.

Quality Epson compatible ink needs to be of the same viscosity, pigment saturation and composition to give vibrant colours, fine delineation, fast drying to avoid finger print smudges, and fade free performance. Wholesale Toners is the only Australian ink & toner retailer that offers a printer protect program.