We understand that speaking to nice people makes a big difference when dealing with businesses, and this is something we are passionate about providing to every customer.

  richard_def.jpg   There is no substitute for Hard work
  Richard Zikmundovsy  
  Managing Director        
  Sarah   Dee   Marie
  Sarah Allen   Dee Petts   Marie Mackenzie
  Manager   Accounts   Accounts
  Liz   Jo   Jodie
  Liz Dickerson   Jo Lanfear   Jodie Mclean
  Refunds Manager   Charging Officer   Sales Consultant
  Bianca   Sarah Sander   Ines
  Bianca Heller   Sarah Sander   Ines Ramos 
  Sales Consultant   Sales Consultant   Sales Consultant
  Paula    Jaydel    
  Paula Whittaker   Jaydel Bujawe      
  Warehouse Manager    Web Admin/Warehouse Staff