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Wholesale Toners Australia Compatible Ink & Toner makes you

Look Smart & Save Money

Dear Printer Ink & Toner Buyer,

If you care about your printed materials making the best impression on whoever receives them, then you will want to know what is so different about Wholesale Toners Australia (WTA) inks and cartridges.

You see back in 2003 WTA saw that manufacturers of ink and toner were selling their printers cheap and then recovering money on the replacement ink. Knowing that this was going to be a massive expense borne by customers once they were locked in, WTA set about trying to find the best ink in the world that would print more pages that look as good if not better than original manufacturers ink.

After 5 years of refinement and rejecting suppliers whose ink clogged printer parts and in some cases destroyed printer heads WTA launched a line of ink cartridges and toners that we felt proud to put our name to.

WTA compatible ink unshackles the chains and stands for:

  • Maximum available pages printed for the least lifetime cost of the printer
  • Clear resolution prints
  • Vibrant colours
  • Fast drying print jobs
  • Reduced smudging
  • 20 year printed document fade guarantee

On top of the world’s best ink WTA deliver unrivalled service. You know how bad it looks to run out of ink, pay too much in store, not have your print job look its best. Maybe you miss the deal, the assignment deadline or even lose the job. This not only can that make you feel bad but look downright silly.

WTA know that when you need printer ink or printer toner it has to be supplied:

  • As fast as possible
  • For the lowest cost per printed page
  • With no damage to your printer
  • With rock solid after sales service

So if you care to use the worlds best ink, that prints more pages for the least cost, then add the Wholesale Toners Australia compatible ink or toner to your cart now.

Here is what our customers are saying:

"I have been dealing with WTA for a number of years and have been totally rapt in the quality service and delivery. Our office was contacted by a high pressure phone sales company and gave in and placed an order. The quality was awful (printer was ruined) and the service and accounts atrocious. We learnt our lesson and immediately placed an order with WTA and suddenly the printer started working again, print quality was great and delivery was what we ordered and immediate. Please people do not fall for the others no matter what they promise. Nothing compares to these guys!" - Carol Tucker

"Thanks for a fast delivery and fantastic product, first put ink in and nothing printed, but once cleaned heads the quality of the ink is fantastic. Will definitely do business with you again. Thank you so much” - Gayleane Frost

Don’t delay - Add The Compatible Product To Your Cart Now.

PS WTA has solutions for:

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Brother Laser Printer Toner

Canon Printer Ink

Canon Laser Printer Toner

Dell Printer Ink

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